1.I have a very large knuckle and my rings don’t fit. Will Superfit® work for me?
Yes! Superfit® opens up completely and closed around the base of the finger so it will fit perfectly.

2.How do I know what ring size I need?
Please use our Jeweler Locator and visit a retailer near you. Your jeweler will use a Superfit® Accusizer to determine your ring size.

3.Can Superfit® be installed in my ring?
Superfit® is available in a variety of widths, sizes and styles to accommodate any ring.

4.Is Superfit® available in Platinum?
Superfit® is available in 14k + 18k gold and in platinum.

5.I need a Superfit® on my diamond engagement ring. How safe is it?
Superfit® was designed with precise engineering to keep your rings safe. When you hear the click of confidence you know your ring is secure.

6.I lead an active lifestyle. Is Superfit® right for me?
Superfit® is perfect for those who lead active lifestyles including professional athletes, because it allows you to easily remove your ring no matter how much swelling occurs in the finger.

7.Does Superfit® require any special care?
Like all fine jewelry your Superfit® should be cleaned and inspected by your jeweler every 6 months to insure longevity.

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